Dedicated to road transportation across North America, SYKMA EXPRESSWAY provides a full range of haulage services for wood, steel, aluminum, and heavy machinery. It also offers its services to transportation companies and independent owner-operators. SYKMA EXPRESSWAY guarantees full logistical support, on-time delivery, cost-effective routing , 24/7 PeopleNet tracking, and Fast Express security and certification. With its fleet of 21 late-model units and a team of reliable professional drivers, who are well-versed in Canadian and American road transportation regulations and regularly trained, SYKMA EXPRESSWAY stands head and shoulders above its competitors.

To apply for a position of driver with SYKMA EXPRESSWAY, fill out and send us the attached form . Feel free to contact us for more information.


Offering turnkey service for the transport of wood, steel, aluminum, and heavy machinery all across North America, SYKMA EXPRESSWAY has everything it takes to meet the goals of its ever-growing clientele in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction. SYKMA also provides service for other transportation companies and independent owner-operators, regularly helping them develop their business opportunities.