PRODUITS FORESTIERS D.G. runs a softwood lumber processing plant that is one of the most technologically sophisticated in all of Northeastern America. Fully automated machinery, scanners, and optimizers process logs of all shapes and sizes round the clock. PRODUITS FORESTIERS D.G. also runs a plant specializing in pine. Renowned for its impressive production capacity and reliable, superior quality supply, every PRODUITS FORESTIERS D.G. unit plays a part in the group’s active and continued growth.

Softwood Products:

- Dried SPF from Eastern Canada (spruce, pine, fir)
- Eastern White Pine
- 8’ x 24’ lumber from Western Canada
- FSC® Certification

Pine Products:

- Specialty beams for post and beam, timberframe, and log construction homes
- 4’’ x 4’’ to 16’’ x 16’’ dimensions in lengths of up to 25’
- Grades 2 and above, 3 and above, green and air-dried (winter wood)
- 4” x 4” to 12” x 4”, 4” x 12” wide, 6’ x 16’ long
- 8–10% air-dried or green wood sold by grade

Other Products:

- Wood flooring, clapboard, and paneling


Located near major highways and the American border, PRODUITS FORESTIERS D.G.  runs a lumber manufacturing complex that boasts some of the best technology in Northeastern America, continuously processing various lengths and widths of wood at an impressive pace.


With their eye for detail and commitment to consistent performance, the PRODUITS FORESTIERS D.G. team of specialists put their expertise and know-how to good use every day to make the best purchase, operational, and forest management decisions without ever losing sight of the importance of sustainable production, selective harvesting, and environmental protection.